If you want to try LR .22 shooting but don't know whether your sights have enough range, try shooting at 25 yards on a homemade zero card as described here.

The LRRFC shoots use modified targets at 300 and 400 yards, which have a larger bull and V that cover the normal inner. The normal magpie is scored as an inner, the normal outer as a magpie, and the square hit area is scored as an outer. Anything on the target but outside the square is classed as a hit. You can download a diagram here that shows the rings being used. The 46" square is too big for the 300 yards diagram but it is shown on the 400 yards diagram. There are form fields in the Event and Date boxes so that you can if you wish complete this information before you print the form.

A diagram for the standard NRA target for 200 and 300 yards showing all rings is here.

The dimensions of the new HBSA/NRA targets for short range are down loadable from the NRA web site via the news item dated 19 October 2016:
NRA/HBSA Round Bull & Tin Hat Targets

The following image files show all rings. For 500 and 600 the complete scoring area is shown; for 200 and 300 the area to the outer ring is shown.





The following diagrams may be printed. Each has form fields for information, which you can complete in advance if you wish.

A diagram showing 200 and 300 out to the inner ring is here. A diagram showing 500 and 600 out to the inner ring is here.

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